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Powering Digital Transformation

Purplegrids provides a Next Generation Customer Engagement Cloud Platform to accelerate digital transformation for all businesses.


Innovative All-In-One Cloud for Customer Engagement

Since 2017 Purplegrids provides a world class cloud-based omnichannel solutions for customer service, sales and marketing teams of any enterprise. Purplegrids designs, develops and implements Customer Engagement solutions that simplify management of all customer interaction channels and offer an exceptional experience. Our solutions can be tailored to any size of company and to any industry.


Acclaimed Technology

Our platform is a unified solution providing Conversational AI and Cognitive intelligence thru machine learning, deep learning and rich conversational interfaces to solve high impact business problems. You can engage customers thru rich interactions across multiple channels like social media, messaging apps, native apps and website, communicate with them tailored to their needs to provide a personalized and adaptive experience.


Our Team

Purplegrids Inc. was founded in 2017 and is based in Silicon Valley, California. The leadership team comes from some of the most innovative enterprise companies, including Apple, Paypal, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard. We at Purplegrids are passionate about transforming consumer relationship with Brands, by bringing a platform that could emphasize the value of human interactions.

Our Values

People and Culture

Our global team is committed to our mission of making life easier by transforming customer engagements with brands. Every Purplegrids employee across our offices worldwide works by the same standards to ensure our customers get the best possible product and service. We support and encourage an inclusive culture, entrepreneurial outlook and independent thinking. It is about removing barriers and encouraging authenticity and creativity in the workplace.

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