Engancing Student experience with Conversational AI

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Engaging with the modern students

Purplegrids for Educational Institutions Is An Excellent Means To Revamp Your Current Teaching Model And Enhance The Overall Campus Experience For Your Students. Purplegrids has created virtual student assistant for universities to automate school services and resources vastly more accessible for students.

Course Assistant

The Course Assistant answers student inquiries about their class, assignments, schedules and much more, all from one conversational interface. The Assistant knows your class schedule and can proactively offer notifications and alerts during status changes. Get details on your course assignments and due dates.Schedule appointments with your professor

Application & Documentation

Existing and prospective students can converse in natural language to immediately access school application forms, documents, or general information. Prospective Students have the ability to ask questions about the school and get the necessary application forms. The bot will assist a prospective student through the entire application lifecycle with personalized and proactive notifications. Use natural language to request Financial Aid forms, graduate applications, request transcripts, or degree program applications.Students can converse with the assistant about school services, programs, or activities

Student Helpdesk

Create a student IT helpdesk and answer students troubleshooting questions and how-to questions based on the latest contents of internal and external knowledge bases.Trained to classify most IT issues Provides guided navigation to resolve common IT issues Creates tickets for unresolved troubleshooting sessions, with relevant data.


More benefits

tickCommunicate with students across platforms
tickVirtual classrooms with Video Conferencing
tickDocument and Media Sharing thru Chatbots
tickOnline Payments Services
tickSmart lead generation thru Chatbots
tickPrebuilt integrations with Canvas, Google Classrooms
tickSend Smart Campaigns

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