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Solutions for Transforming Patient Care

Purplegrids AI-driven digital transformation platform enables Healthcare providers to automate patient care by enabling Easy and Seamless engagement, Intelligent Personalized care and there by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Appointment Management

Book, change, or cancel appointments through an intelligent virtual assistant that syncs to physician scheduling. Appointments scheduled from the chatbots are directed synced to the Healthcare Systems.

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Medication Management

Have chatbots interact with patients to remind them to take their routine medication, motivate them to adhere to their schedule therapy, and provide medicine-specific information or send reminders for prescription refills or routine checkups.

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Registration & Billing

Purplegrids platform integrates with healthcare systems backend billing, inventory, and insurance claims management systems there by providing the chatbots the ability to respond to common questions related to coverage, claims, and procedures.

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Purplecloud Telehealth can engage your patients in Social Media, Messaging Platforms, Website to book online appointments and schedule Live Video Consultation with Physicians,on top the existing Healthcare systems.

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Preliminary Diagnosis

Purplegrids Symptom Checker chatbot can now listen to your patient’s health information, such as symptoms, risk factors, lab tests, demographics, etc., and our AI inference engine can analyze this data and provide a list of likely conditions and relevant observations.

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Clinic & Doctor Finder

Patients can now ask chatbots to find doctors by name, or find by specialities or even by location. The platform integrates and extracts these information from Heathcare backend systems. The platform also measures patient satisfaction surveys and route conversations.

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Start accepting chatbot based payments for your Appointments, Lab tests, Prescription etc, the platform offers multiple payment options like Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Netbanking, Wallet, UPI/QR and other modes of payments and also send receipts in email.

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Lead Generation

Hospitals and clinics can leverage chatbots to increase brand awareness by engaging customers in the digital channels, the bot based on the conversation could segment visitors and generating new leads, and even setting up appointments could thus occur within the same conversation.

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Leading Healthcare organizations using Purplegrids


Purplegrids COVID-19 Solutions

Help patients and keep employees healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic with chatbot and voicebot solutions, reducing contact center burden and protecting essential workers and front-line staff.

COVID-19 Assessment

Purplegrids provides AI Powered chatbots can support preliminary triaging for patients with pre-screening novel coronavirus and provides remote care. The chatbot asks a series of questions, quickly analyzes reported symptoms, and determines whether a person is in a high risk group.

Contactless Patient Checkin

Purplegrids provides solutions provides contactless check-in from your parking lot and can be up and running in 24 hours. Gone are the days that require registering patients with a clipboard, paper forms, a pen and a physical signature with Smart Contactless patient intake technology enabled through smart QR patients don’t have to wait long time any more than you want in an overcrowded facility.

AI Patient Assistant

AI Patient assistant can automatically do digital scheduling, online appointment registration, insurance and photo ID upload to payment collection. This is fully integrated to your EHR system and CMS system. This could help screen COVID patients route them to right care routine and schedule in patient appointments.

Virtual Assistant

Alexa Voice based Patient Care

Purplegrids conversational AI platform supports voice-activated technology that enables patients to interact with the health system through their smart speakers, allowing them to ask for wellness information, seek referrals, order lunch or look for urgent care.

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