Why Purplegrids ?

Purplegrids empowers business on their
Digital Adoption Journey

Purplecloud™ Platform manages all customer relationships, its capabilities include Next generation Conversational AI Platform, Realtime Business Analytics, Intelligent Customer Data Platform, Real Time Agent Assist for Contact Center, Omnichannel Connect, Conversational Marketing and Engagement Automation solutions.

Purplecloud™ collates all your digital engagements into one unified customer engagement platform. It's enterprise strength, proven technology is capable of scaling to deliver both the exceptional customer experience your users demand and robust business continuity to secure your organization’s future.

Revolutionize Experience

Automate your customer journey, streamline your customer experience across all your digital touchpoints for the best possible customer experience.

AI Chatbots automate and scale consumer interactions on all of the most popular messaging channels that join forces with live agents.

Multi Channel Engagements Engage with consumers directly in their preferred communication channels with a build once deploy any channel platform.

Agent Assist Bring AI-powered chatbots and AI-supported agents together in harmony, Automate Customer Conversations with to life with realtime Audio & Video Chat.

Compelling Insights

The Platform gathers insight across all channels to provide the measurement of the effectiveness of conversational engagements.

Lead Intelligence Purplegrids provides key conversation metrics, integrate all lead and customer profile behavioural data together to discover new opportunities for your organisation.

Smart Scoring Rank your visitors against your custom scale using engagement metrics. Create your custom scoring models that help you segment leads so you know you’re only working on leads that are mostly probable.

Insightful Routing Create workflows that can explicitly route a conversation instantly and directly with all relevant data to the collaboration tools.

Boost Productivity

Automate your customer interactions by leveraging workflow automation, with greatest efficiency and at reduced costs.

Flow Builder allows for better lead qualification by ranking your leads against your custom scale using conversational metrics.

Knowledge Base Knowledge base is a repository of knowledge uses industry-leading NLU engine that sources FAQ, documents instantly to enable virtual assistant to learn and respond to a customer’s queries.

Integrations The Platform comes with prebuilt integration using APIs, Web Services, plus it comes with 300+ Pre-built integrations.

Increase Conversions

Intelligent Sales & Marketing features available in the Platform enable real-time conversions to achieve hypergrowth.

Conversational Marketing Engage with your website visitors realtime using intelligent chatbots and converting leads thru dialogue-driven activities

Customer Data Insights Segment your messages based on rich visitor data, and equip your sales team with the information they need to close more deals.

Message Broadcast Communicate with customers on their prefered channel, Our customer engagement platform makes it easy to curate, communicate, and manage interactions across all channels.


Accelerate your digital transformation,
with all in one platform.

Conversational Engagements

Engage with customers on their
preferred communication channels.

Engagement Automation

Tools that provide transformative strategies
to elevate your customer engagements

Conversational AI

Discover Conversational AI for your enterprise,
explore the capabilities

Customer Data Platform

Collects customer events across all digital touch points and provides valuable insights

Sales Acceleration

Accelerate Sales cycles with conversational AI
with Realtime connect to qualified leads

Apps & Integrations

Purplecloud comes with prebuilt integrations
lets you connect to any enterprise system


Solutions for every Industry, every Role


Purplegrids drives cost savings, positively impact healthcare efficiency, by engaging patients across multi channels and improve access to care and relieve clinician burdens.
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Conversational Commerce is the new norms for innovative retailers. Our virtual assistants can redefine the shopping experience and improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
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Conversational AI powers the future of banking. Our banking AI virtual agents deliver a personalized self service engagements, streamline banking operations and drive digital adoption.
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AI Enhances student experience. Empower every department to provide faster and more convenient service for students with Conversational AI and messaging.
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Virtual assistants help insurance providers better serve their customers, helping them cut costs, boost sales and improve service efficiency by driving brand engagement.
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Purplegrids provides auto dealers powerful engagement tools to win more customers, deliver higher quality experiences, and increase customer loyalty.
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